Terra X: Sieben Kontinente - Ein Planet: Australien


Date: 13.09.2020

Location: Carls Eventlocation Eckernförde

Time: 18:00 Uhr

Date: 14.09.2020

Location: Carls Eventlocation Eckernförde

Time: 20:00 Uhr


Australia, a land cast adrift at the time of the dinosaurs. Here, kangaroos and wombats brave snowstorms and gum tree forests are filled with never-before-seen predators.

Director: Emma Napper

Australia United Kingdom
43 Min.
Director: Emma Napper
Author: Emma Napper
Camera: Dan Hunter, Ed Saltau, John Brown, Alastair MacEven, Tom Crowley, John Shier und andere
Editing: Nigel Buck, Simon Bland, Toni Kubiczek (dt. Fassung)
Music: Hans Zimmer, Russell Emanuel, Jacob Shea for Bleeding Fingers Music
Speaker: Götz Bielefeld
Editor: Friederike Haedecke
Nominations: Best Story 2020,
Best Score 2020,
Best Science Film 2020