The Baltic Sea - Young Sea at the Brink

The Baltic Sea, the youngest sea on our Earth, is a heritage of the Ice Age. Far less salty as other seas, it is a difficult habitat for newcomers. Dirk Steffens shows why life in the Baltic Sea is already at the brink.


Director: Hanna Kotarba

Director: Eva Maria Rauert

Dirk Steffen born in 1967, graduated from the School of Journalism in cologne. In 1994 he worked for a year as editor for politics and news for the Deutschlandfunk in Cologne. Since 1995 he works for several broadcasting and TV stations as a moderator. In addition he works freelance as producer, author and editor for several broadcasters and publishers. Dirk Steffens became known foremost as a nature film maker who has been travelling for one and a half decades to all regions of the world and reports on camera since 2004.
Eva-Maria Rauert was born in 1970 in Munich and graduated as a biologist in 1995 from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University with majors in microbiology, biochemistry and environmental chemistry. Since 2006 she works as editor for the ZDF. Initially she worked as author for ‘Abenteuer Wissen’ in Mainz and since 2008 in the editorial office natural science and technology in Munich. She is responsible for episodes of ‘Abenteur Forschung’ and ‘Faszination Erde’

Germany Sweden Lithuania
43 Min.
Director: Hanna Kotarba, Eva Maria Rauert
Script: Eva-Maria Rauert; Hanna Kotarba
Cinematography: Oliver Roetz
Editing: Hubert Müller
Music: PS Movie Sound
Narrator: Tobias Kluckert
Editor: Christiane Götz-Sobel, ZDF
Producer: Florian Rehm, ZDF
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