The Coral Gardeners

My friend Samira wanted to make a short film for her little brother and his kindergarten class, to explain what she’s been up to in Indonesia. Samira is a scuba instructor and has been learning about Reef Conservation with the Gili Eco Trust. She used her knowledge to explain the global importance of healthy oceans in this short and inspiring documentary.

Zum Kurzfilmprogramm für Kinder


Director: Christine Wehrmeier

Christine is originally from Sydney, Australia and her love for the ocean was ignited when her father introduced her to scuba diving at the young age of 8. She has had a multi-faceted career. For over 11 years Christine worked at BBC Studios (London) in International Television Sales & Distribution. In addition to her sales responsibilities, she was also the Natural History Genre Specialist and had the opportunity to learn much about documentary production from an international perspective. Christine has also always been a passionate photographer and left television to start her own lifestyle & wedding photography business in 2015. Eventually the longing for nature called her back to the ocean. She is now based in Indonesia and has been a full time underwater photographer & filmmaker since January 2019.

United Kingdom Indonesia
4 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Christine Wehrmeier
Script: Samira Fürmetz
Cinematography: Christine Wehrmeier
Editing: Christine Wehrmeier
Narrator: Samira Fürmetz
Producer: Christine Wehrmeier
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids 2019
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