The Gorillas of the Congo - Chainsaws to the Rescue

Most lowland gorillas don’t live in national parks but in forests which are open to timber exploitation. Yet the conflict can be resolved. A film with stunning images and surprising insights.


Director: Thomas Weidenbach

Thomas Weidenbach (1962) was working as a freelancer journalist before he studied geography. Nowadays he is working as an author, director and producer for TV documentaries and TV magazins in the field of science. IN 2005 he established his own company “LÄNGENGRAD Filmproduktion GmbH”.

52 Min.
Director: Thomas Weidenbach
Script: Thomas Weidenbach
Cinematography: Michael Kern
Editing: Marc Schubert
Music: Thomas Wolter
Narrator: Philipp Schepmann
Editor: Thomas Kamp (WDR)