The Ocean's Greatest Feast

Every winter South Africa’s east coast sees billions of sardines converge in the biggest biomass migration on the planet. As they move up the coast, this 4 miles long shoal faces a range of predators from seals in an ancient colony to Cape gannets launching aerial attacks and hundreds of hungry sharks that corral the sardines into bait balls. A super pod of dolphins arrives, and the sardine numbers are decimated. Everything favours the predators, until the orcas arrive.

Director: Mea Trenor

South Africa
50 Min.
Director: Mea Trenor
Script: Mea Trenor
Cinematography: Boris Von Schoenebeck, Grant Brokensha, Timothy Jansen Van Vuuren, Greg Nelson, Steve Benjamin, Daniel Philogene
Editing: Ruaan Botha
Music: Dave Birch
Narrator: Graham McTavish
Editor: Earth Touch
Producer: Earth Touch
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2022