The Song of a Little Owl

Two little owls have formed a new life amidst the noise of the forest and away from the eyes of rivals. As humans enter the forest the lives of owls and other creatures change.

Director: Mehdi Nourmohammadi

Was born in Ilam, 1979.

-Associate degree-Culture and Art School of Tehran.
-Filmmaking Degree from Iranian Young Cinema Society.
-One-year course of filmmaking in Iran Broadcasting University

52 Min.
Director: Mehdi Nourmohammadi
Script: Mehdi Nourmohammadi, Sadegh Rezania
Cinematography: Mahmoud Mansouri, Habibollah Heydarian
Editing: Sadegh Rezania
Music: Behzad Abdi
Narrator: No Dialogue
Producer: Mehdi Nourmohammadi, Sedigheh Khodaei