The Victoria Falls

Even from afar, we anticipate something special: Despite the clearblue skies, a wall of clouds hovers near the ground - the rising sprays of the Victoria Falls grow up to 300 meters high. Over nearly 2 kilometres of a 110 m high rockface, the water masses plunge into the gorges of the Zambezi River. Against the background of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the film conveys magnificent moods and wildlife tales from around Victoria Falls.


Director: Udo A. Zimmermann

Udo A. Zimmermann studied German language and literature, sociology and geography. He was a research assistant at Munich University and visiting student at the University of Television and Film (HFF Munich). As editor and author for numerous wildlife and conservation series, he gained experience while shooting films in many remote corners of the world. 2005 - 2015, he heads the editorial department Wildlife and Nature, thus being responsible for nature and wildlife series at BR.

Director: Catherine Blinston

44 Min.
Director: Udo A. Zimmermann, Catherine Blinston
Script: Udo A. Zimmermann, Catherine Blinston
Cinematography: Klaus Axthammer, Uli Schramma, Thomas Schleider, Tom Varley
Editing: Jürgen Antosch
Narrator: Gert Heidenreich, Werner Härtl
Editor: Bayerischer Rundfunk FS, Tiere und Natur: Bernd Strobel
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