Titus: The Gorilla King

The compelling story of the most successful mountain gorillas has ever lived- a huge silverback called Titus. Using testament from eyewitnesses, the film relieves one individual mountain gorilla’s extraordinary battle for survival over 30 years in a unique format.


Titus’s story starts in 1967, when the researcher Dian Fossey fist made contact with a group of mountain gorillas in Rwanda and opened up a window onto their secret lives. Forty years on, this film reveals a complete and dramatic life story – a unique biography of an individual animal. Titus’s father was murdered by poachers in front of his very eyes. His mother abandoned him in the subsequent chaos. His family disintegrated. He should have died.

But we reveal how Titus survived against all the odds. We find him today – a king being challenged by his second in command – another silverback. Titus’s present day trials the viewer back in time to reveal key moments in Titus’s history.


Director: David Allen

David is a producer/director with three Emmy awards and three Wildscreen pandas to his name. His background is shooting observational documentaries, but for the past ten years he has produced and directed high profile science and natural history television events.

United Kingdom
52 Min.
Director: David Allen
Author: David Allen
Camera: Simon De Glanville
Editing: Charles Davies
Music: Bill Lovelady
Speaker: Bernhard Hill
Editor: Charles Davies
Nominations: Best Story 2009