Uncovered: Illegal trade - The lucrative business with exotic animals

Thilo Mischke travelled to South Africa and Indonesia where he filmed how animals are abused for supposedly „cute“ videos and rhinos are hunted without any scruples.

Director: Anja Buwert

Director: Caspar Fischer

Germany Indonesia South Africa
49 Min.
Director: Anja Buwert, Caspar Fischer
Author: Anja Buwert; Caspar Fischer
Camera: Martin Gasch; Florian Baumgarten; Ben Glitschka
Editing: Christian Djmdé
Music: diverse
Speaker: Heike Hagen
Editor: Katja Hahn / ProSiebenSat1 Media AG
Producer: Silke Benckendorff / pqpp2 GmbH
Website URL: www.pqpp2.de