Uncovered: Illegal trade - The lucrative business with exotic animals


Date: 12.09.2019

Location: Turnhalle der Willers-Jessen-Schule

Time: 16:00 Uhr

Thilo Mischke travelled to South Africa and Indonesia where he filmed how animals are abused for supposedly „cute“ videos and rhinos are hunted without any scruples.

Director: Anja Buwert

Director: Caspar Fischer

Germany Indonesia South Africa
49 Min.
Director: Anja Buwert, Caspar Fischer
Author: Anja Buwert; Caspar Fischer
Camera: Martin Gasch; Florian Baumgarten; Ben Glitschka
Editing: Christian Djmdé
Music: diverse
Speaker: Heike Hagen
Editor: Katja Hahn / ProSiebenSat1 Media AG
Producer: Silke Benckendorff / pqpp2 GmbH
Website URL: www.pqpp2.de