Underwater Wilderness: Sudan

Two divers, cameraman Zsolt Sásdi and nature photographer Dániel Selmeczi decided to visit one of the richest marine habitats on Earth: the coral reefs of the Western Red Sea Coast. At the favourite dive sites of the pioneers of diving, Hans Hass and Jacques-Yves Cousteau, they visit the most beautiful reefs of the Red Sea, and experience firsthand the infinite variety of the underwater wilderness.

Director: Balazs Lerner

Director: Zsolt Sasdi

50 Min.
Director: Balazs Lerner, Zsolt Sasdi
Script: Balazs Lerner
Cinematography: Zsolt Sasdi
Editing: Balazs Lerner & Zsolt Sasdi
Music: Peter Rusko & Marton Szekely
Narrator: Nick Thorpe
Producer: Saser Productions