What is the link between a remote indigenous community in Borneo and the Tokyo Olympics? This question is explored here. The film captures the beauty of the tropical jungle as well as the millennia-old relationship of the indigenous Dayak people to their forest and finds connections of supply chains, quality labels and sustainability promises in a globalized world. A film about a breathtakingly beautiful landscape in transition.



Director: Bálint Révész

Germany Hungary
52 Min.
Director: Bálint Révész
Script: Angus MacInnes
Cinematography: Jamie Wolfeld
Editing: Christian Timmann, Agi Mogor
Music: Balint Szabo
Editor: Susanne Mertens /ZDF-Arte
Producer: Ira Tondowski, Alex Tondowski (Tondowski Films) Ágnes Horváth-Szabó, András Pires Muhi (Elf Pictures)
Awards: GREEN REPORT 2022
Nominations: GREEN REPORT 2022