Wald der wilden Ponys

In the South of England stretches a noble forest area, which has been under special protection for almost 1000 years since its foundation by King William the Conqueror. This unique mosaic of dense oak forests vast moorlands and mysterious bogs is home to the famous New Forest ponies. The film takes us through the first year of a pony foal's life and discovers with him the many wonders of nature in the forest of wild ponies.

Director: Sarah Cunliffe

Director: Emma Ross

50 Min.
Director: Sarah Cunliffe, Emma Ross
Script: Nigel Pope
Cinematography: James Aldred, James Blake, Aaron Cook, Manuel Hinge, Alex Meacock, Chris Openshaw, Matt Roseveare, Max Smith, Chris Watts
Editing: Rhiannon Burton, Andreas Ribarits
Music: David Mitcham
Narrator: Otto Clemens
Producer: Eine Koproduktion von Big Wave Smithsonian Channel und Terra Mater Factual Studios
Website URL: https://www.terramater.at/productions/the-crowns-ancient-forest/