How do waterfleas survive when their habitat -a puddle in a town park- runs dry. Extraordinary underwater-pictures taken with the microscope-camera give the answer.


Director: Alexander Fürst von Lieven

Dr. Alexander Fürst von Lieven, production, microscope camera, author. Since 2008 assistant professor for zoology at the Free University in Berlin. A keen observer of nature from early childhood, especially interested in insects and other invertebrates. After studying biology at the FU Berlin, academic career, 2001 PhD, 2008 habilitation. From 2009 expansion of the scope of intrinsically scientific video microscopy to include the production of broadcastable footage.

Director: Hans Purrmann

Hans Purrmann († 2013), production, direction, editing
Studied social and business communication at the school of arts "Hochschule der Künste Berlin". Afterwards, various activities in the fields of advertising, architectural and fine-arts photography, film- and television productions. Apprenticeship as film- and video editor. Creation and management of the media studio "Medienwerkstatt" in the artists' organisation BBK Berlin. Furthermore, freelance director and editor for video art and exhibition projects.

5 Min.
Director: Alexander Fürst von Lieven, Hans Purrmann
Author: Alexander Fürst von Lieven
Camera: Alexander Fürst von Lieven
Editing: Hans Purrmann
Music: Kolja Lieven
Speaker: Ina Gercke
Awards: Audience Award Best Short Film 2012
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2012