Wild Empire - Golden Monkey: Braving the impossible

Rare golden-nosed monkeys live in Central China’s largest primary forests in a dynamic society where individuals and family groups compete for power throughout the seasons. New research shows that females are the driving force behind successful conquests. Thanks to exclusive access and the latest film technology this film shows a year in the life of a family capturing fascinating behavior and telling an intimate story about this little-known species.

Director: Sax Florian

Director: Manuel CATTEAU

Director: Patrick MORRIS

France China United States
50 Min.
Director: Sax Florian, Manuel CATTEAU, Patrick MORRIS
Script: Manuel CATTEAU, Patrick MORRIS, Floran SAX
Cinematography: Jacky POON
Editing: David WARNER
Music: Bruno ALEXIU
Narrator: Jayne McKENNA
Producer: ZED, CCTV9, National Geographic & Arte France
Nominations: Best Cinematography 2022,
Best Story 2022
Website URL: https://www.zed.fr/en/tv/distribution/catalogue/programme/wild-empire