Wild Isles

This is a story of hope. People and communities show how to make a difference and chart a path to a better, wilder future: Restoring the natural world and restoring faith in humanity to Britain's wild islands.

Director: Jon Cleave

Jon is a Director, writer, producer – and the Founder and CEO of Newyonder®, Subscribe For Change® - A producer and distributor of cinematic film and television and Certified B Corp dedicated to leaving our planet wilder, more sustainable and biodiverse than when we started through storytelling, optimism and change. Because we believe it is through stories that people make sense of the world, and the greater we understand it, the more likely we are to preserve it. Learn more at www.newyonder.earth

Prior to Newyonder Jon was a Creative Director at some of the most renowned creative ad agencies. He has also been lucky to have been awarded multiple awards in aerial photography and film - for more press/info see: https://www.joncleave.com

United Kingdom
95 Min.
Director: Jon Cleave
Script: Jon Cleave, Lucy McIntosh, Julie Wild
Cinematography: George Morris, Greg Dennis
Editing: Julie Wild
Music: John Elliott
Narrator: Caroline Ford
Editor: Newyonder (Streaming Service)
Producer: Newyonder (Production Studios)
Awards: Heinz Sielmann Film Award 2022
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2022,
Newcomer 2022,
Heinz Sielmann Film Award 2022
Website URL: https://www.newyonder.earth