Wild Oman_Wonder of Arabia

The Sultanate of Oman is Arabia’s most remarkable treasure. It is a land of surprising beauty filled with unexpected natural wonders, home to some of the rarest animals on Earth. In this two-part series we explore Oman’s unique habitats and their precious natural wealth. What we discover is a country packed with an incredible diversity of landscapes, home to some of the world’s most abundant, endangered or rarest wildlife. Oman is a strategically placed land, crucially important to the survival.

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Director: Stefania Muller

Stefania is the owner and founding member of Obsessively Creative, a natural history, documentary production company that specializes in high end natural history specials for the international market, broadcast on channels such as National Geographic Wild, PBS, Smithsonian, NHK, ORF and many more. Stef's 18 year career started as an adventure and travel photo-journalist and an book author.

South Africa Oman
52 Min.
Director: Stefania Muller
Script: Stefania Müller
Cinematography: Darryl MacDonald & Willem Van Heerden
Editing: Lubabalo Mayaba
Music: Quinn Lubbe
Narrator: Samuel West
Editor: Obsessively Creative CC
Producer: Stefania Müller (Obsessively Creative CC) & Maisa Al Hooti (Oman Infocus)
Website URL: www.obsessivelycreative.com