Wild Port of Europe - Nature on the edge

Wild Port of Europe – Nature on the edge takes you into the unexpected story of all kinds of animals living in Europe’s largest and busiest port area.

In this fully industrialized landscape, where humans are constantly changing everything, animals seize their opportunities and make remarkable choices in the process. Wild Port of Europe shows that survival in this environment is a life on the edge. But it also mirrors nature’s challenges back to the human world, for we share an uncertain future.


Director: Willem Berents

Willem Berents has been working as an independent filmmaker and cinematographer for more than 25 years. In this capacity he left his mark on cinema successes such as ‘Holland, Natuur in de Delta’ (2015) and ‘Wild Amsterdam’ (2018).
During his career he found that nature does not live by the boundaries that man creates for it. So, he decided to make a film about ‘unseen’ nature in industrial man-made landscapes.

Willem holds a master’s degree in Literary Studies from Tilburg University.g.

87 Min.
Director: Willem Berents
Script: Willem Berents & Melanie Kutzke
Cinematography: Willem Berents, Joris Peskens, Adrian Vilas, Melvin Kalshoven, Sam Reitsma, Max van Gils
Editing: Helen Delachaux
Music: Eric Vloeimans
Narrator: Emma Dingwall
Producer: Melanie Kutzke - Veldkijker Films
Nominations: Best innovative Film 2023