Wild Pyrenees - The discreet of the piedmont

This film invites the audience to explore the extraordinary diversity of the wildlife of the Pyrenees from the valleys of Piedmont to the driest habitats. And to experience a naturalistic and sensitive adventure, questioning a theme that has endured through the ages: the relationship of man with the wilderness. This natural adventure does not feature a particular person: it tries to depict a passionate lover of nature who seeks out these wild animals for the pleasure of observing them.

Director: Alwa Deluze

Graduated in journalism,
Alwa Deluze spent many yearsworking in the media before
settling at the foot of thePyrenees, where she devoted tomaking documentaries andmediation works.
In 2018, in Toulouse, she foundedAnoki, a company for which sheproduces animated films.
For several years, she has beendeveloping programs to raiseawareness of ecology andbiodiversity.

With Ibinou, an animated series for children, she introduceschildren to European flora and fauna. About bears, she haswritten a few documentary films, in particular on the historyof the reintroduction of the animal in the Pyrenees.

52 Min.
Director: Alwa Deluze
Script: Alwa Deluze
Cinematography: Samuel Lahu
Editing: Barbara Bossuet
Producer: Dominique Barneaud