Wild Romania - The best kept secret of Europe’s wilderness

The Carpathian Mountains, the Danube River and the Black Sea gave birth to the wildest country in Europe. The richness of this place lies in spectacular mountains, in rivers full of life, in healthy forests. Following the four seasons of the year, the film observes the lives of the most emblematic animals of Romania and tells the story of the most amazing natural landscapes. From the high mountains, to the Danube Delta, it unveils the best kept secrets of Europe’s wilderness.



Director: Dan Dinu

Dan's passion for documentary film evolved from his love for nature and photography. He was published in numerous magazines, including National Geographic, and has won various contests. He is involved in nature conservation projects along with WWF or other NGOs. He worked on some international documentaries for BBC, NatGeo Wild or HBO Europe as a field producer or researcher. Wild Romania is his most ambitious project yet. It is the biggest documentary movie project developed in Romania so far.

124 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Dan Dinu
Script: Dan Dinu
Cinematography: Cosmin Dumitrache
Editing: Cosmin Dumitrache
Music: Alexei Țurcan
Narrator: Peter Venn
Producer: NTD Film, HBO Max, Libra Film
Nominations: Best Score 2022
Website URL: https://ntdfilm.ro