It may be the largest, busiest, and most densely populated metropolitan area on Earth, but Tokyo’s 14 million residents share their home with an astonishing array of wildlife. This extraordinary film visits a wide range of habitats to explore where animal life is thriving and follows scientists studying human-animal cohabitation. 

Director: Steve Gooder

Steve Gooder is an independent film-maker based in Bristol, UK, who has written and directed over 30 science and wildlife documentaries – mostly presenter-led investigations, human interest stories, hybrid dramas, and blue-chip natural history. Much of his work brings a distinctively human perspective to the natural world. His films have won dozens of awards and nominations, including an Emmy, a Wildscreen Special Jury award, and a BAFTA-nomination. Steve is currently at BBC Studios working on a high-end wildlife series with visual effects.

Director: Harutaka Yano

Japan United Kingdom
58 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Steve Gooder, Harutaka Yano
Script: N/A
Cinematography: Robin Cox, Moritz Katz, Hiroyuki Kozako, Naoki Mitsuhama, Genki Yamada
Editing: Dominic Lester
Music: N/A
Narrator: Toby Jones
Editor: N/A
Producer: OSF, NHK
Website URL: N/A