Wildes Marokko - Der Goldene Süden

Water is life and shortage of water is the key of invention. The animal kingdom of Southern Morocco has found its very own answers. There are the thrifty ones, the stockpilers, the tricky ones and the food specialists. And when the water comes everything changes.

Director: Bernhard Rübe

born 1970, founded ruebefilm in 2001. Before that, he studied biology and gained varied film experience, among others with the renowned underwater filmmaker Walter Sigl, who gave him an understanding of the basics of being a freelance producer: "You have to know how to do everything". We're still working on it.
Our top priorities are the use of excellent cameras, interesting narrative elements and submerging into the waters and exciting corners of the earth.

43 Min.
Director: Bernhard Rübe
Script: Bernhard Rübe
Cinematography: Bernhard Rübe, Manolo Castro
Editing: Magnus Schmitz, Bernhard Rübe
Music: Steffen Kaltschmid
Narrator: Elisabeth Günther
Editor: Ulkrike Lovett, BR, Katja Ferwagner, arte, Claudia Schwab, SWR, Gernot Lercher, ORF, Simon Riedel, doclights, Ralf Quibeldey, NDR, Christine Peters, BR
Producer: ruebefilm
Website URL: www.ruebefilm.de