Wildlife in Windmill Country


Date: 10.09.2022

Location: Galerie 66

Time: 10:00 Uhr

The Alblasserwaard is a beautiful Dutch pasture area, located in the green heart of Holland. It’s a place of windmills, vast meadows and lots of wild animals. It is the habitat of black-tailed godwits, purple herons, hares, roe deer, moor frogs and argus butterflies. In the film we follow these and other wild animals at crucial moments in their lives and discover which challenges they all face in this classical Dutch landscape once made by windmills.



Director: Stijn Philips

54 Min.
Director: Stijn Philips
Script: Stijn Philips
Cinematography: Stijn Philips
Editing: Stijn Philips
Music: Werner Urban
Producer: Stijn Philips Natuurfilms
Nominations: Best Independent Production 2022
Website URL: www.stijnphilips.nl