Wildnis Europa - Der Moschusochse

The musk ox is considered a survivor of the last ice age and has only been living on the European continent again for just under 100 years. The imposing animals are adapted to an arctic climate. A dense undercoat keeps them warm even at temperatures below -50° Celsius. But disturbances can lead to loss of energy in winter and thus become a danger to life. Only if the animals are given a quiet habitat in the seclusion of the Nordic mountains can they survive in Europe.

Director: Marlene Wynants

52 Min.
Director: Marlene Wynants
Script: Marlene Wynants
Cinematography: Jan Zabeil
Editing: Marion Pohlschmidt
Narrator: Nina Petri
Editor: Marita Hübinger
Producer: Reinhardt Beetz (Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion)