WildWestwegs - Schwarzwald

Eine Reise in die Naturoasen des Schwarzwalds

Following the “Westweg”, the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the Black Forest, this nature documentary takes us 285 kms through Germany's largest and highest central mountain range from Pforzheim via the West East routes to Basle in Switzerland. Protected areas such as nature parks and forests, waters, and bogs but also small natural oases to the left and right of the path are visualized in breathtaking images and provide exciting insights into the ancient natural and cultural landscape of the Black Forest.

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Director: Marco Ruppert

For the native Westphalian, drawing, nature and landscape photography as well as filming have been among his greatest interests since childhood. The move from the Ruhr area to the Black Forest awakened his passion for nature film. Today, the graphic designer works as a professional wildlife and nature filmmaker. The image design and storytelling of the films can benefit from his many years of experience in visual communication.

A small film team with a changing cast and the best experts on location supports the productions with a lot of heart and commitment to entertain the viewers and to inspire them for nature and its protection. The production "Ruppertfilm - Moving Nature" has been continuously developed since 2015, today the team is already working on a whole series of professional nature films.

109 Min.
Director: Marco Ruppert
Script: Marco Ruppert
Cinematography: Marco Ruppert
Editing: Marco Ruppert
Music: Andreas und Marcus Fechnner, audionetwork
Narrator: Gunnar Schnidt
Editor: Marco Ruppert
Producer: Marco Ruppert
Website URL: www.ruppertfilm.de