Wils Yellowstone - Ep.02: Grizzly Summer

Diese Dokumentation entführt den Zuseher in die atemberaubende Naturlandschaft des Yellowstone - des ältesten und bekanntesten amerikanischen Nationalparks. Die zweite Folge Sommerreigen zeigt wie sich Grizzly, Biber, Flussotter und Wolf den Herausforderungen und Härten der Natur von der ersten Schneeschmelze bis tief in den Herbst hinein stellen müssen.


Director: Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy is Creative Director of Table Mountain Films, based in Cape Town and London. He has over 25 years experience producing, directing and writing for all the major international broadcasters including the BBC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic, PBS, Terra Mater Factual Studios, ZDF, ARTE, Canal+, Smithsonian Channel, NHK, ITV and Channel 4.

Beginning at the BBC Natural History Unit, Joe went on to make a successful career as an independent filmmaker, working across several genres including natural history, science, history, adventure and social documentaries.

His production credits include A Wild Dog’s Tale, White Lions – Born Wild, Wild Yellowstone, Killer Whales: The Megahunt, Slaveship Mutiny, Squid Vs. Whale, Great White Shark – A Living Legend, Ocean Voyagers, Deep Jungle, Secret Shark Pits, Borneo’s Pygmy Elephants, Sharkman, Supermole, Biggest Nose in Borneo, Animal Crime Scene, Octopus Hunter, Richard Leakey: Africa’s Wildlife Warrior, Wild Indonesia, Polar Bear Invasion, Search for the Coast Wolves, Running With Wolves, Bishop of the Arctic, Shark Night, and Animal Intelligence. His 33 City Profiles for FIFA World Cup 2010’s were broadcast worldwide to an estimated audience of 1 billion people.

Director: Tom Stephens

50 Min.
Director: Joe Kennedy, Tom Stephens
Script: Joe Kennedy, Tom Stepehens
Cinematography: Curt Morgan, Dawson Dunning, John Shier, Jeff Hogan, Theo Jebb, Phil Hessler, John Rodosky
Editing: James Taggart
Music: Torin Borrowdale, Mark Murphy
Narrator: Franz Robert Wagner
Producer: Eine Koproduktion von TERRA MATER FACTUAL STUDIOS und NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNELS in Zusammenarbeit mit FRANCE TÉLÉVISIONS hergestellt von BRAIN FARM