WissenHoch2: Ökosystem Garten

Wie Mensch und Natur profitieren

In times of pandemics and crises, gardens are newly appreciated. Green oases not only provide food and recreation for people, their ecosystem also protects biodiversity and reduces the burden on the climate. Around 37 million people in Germany own gardens. Even a small urban garden can contribute to more biodiversity if it is seen as part of a green network.


Director: Anja Kollruß

Anja Kollruß, born in 1989 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, lives and works as a freelance writer and director in Hamburg. She produces a large number of documentaries and reports for public broadcasters. For her documentaries and reports, she works her way into a wide variety of topics - from white-collar crime to the garden ecosystem. No matter how complex or scientific - the focus is always on a person's story. Her aim is to make real emotions perceptible, to convey personal fates and to show bright moments.

44 Min.
Director: Anja Kollruß
Script: Anja Kollruß
Cinematography: Christian Gruber
Editing: Christian Gruber
Narrator: Susanne Grawe
Editor: Nicole Schleider (ZDF/3sat), Katharina Finger (ZDF/3sat)
Producer: Benjamin Angeloni (Labo M), Sophie Herrmann (Labo M), Rainer Leske (ZDF/3sat)
Website URL: https://www.3sat.de/wissen/wissenschaftsdoku/221013-sendung-oekosystem-garten-wido-100.html