Wüstenkönige - Die Löwen der Namib

We see the secret lives of desert lions as they roam the rugged mountains, majestic sand dunes, and even the beaches of Namibia's Skeleton coast. In this place of constant danger the young lions must conquer the desert and establish their own kingdom.

Director: Willie Steenkamp

Willie Steenkamp has been involved with „Green“ since 2004 and served as director, researcher an production manager for over 100 episodes. Besides „Green“ he also directed a 13-part series for Granada „Get bushwise: Desert Safari“ and has been involved in other documantaries such as „Frogs in decline“, a one hour HD documentary fort he Natural History Unit Africa

Director: Lianne Steenkamp

51 Min.
Director: Willie Steenkamp, Lianne Steenkamp
Camera: Lianne Steenkamp
Editing: Alan Miller G.B.F.T.E.
Music: Roman Kariolou und Johannes Ratheiser
Speaker: Otto Clemens
Editor: Franz Fuchs
Producer: Interspot Film
Awards: Best Cinematography 2016
Nominations: Best Cinematography 2016,
Best Story 2016