Wunder der Natur - Auf den Spuren der Erdgeschichte

Islands Vulkane

Iceland - an island born of fire and ice. How did this natural wonder come into being? The film accompanies researchers through the world of volcanoes and geysers and brings past worlds back to life with elaborate animations. In Iceland, reports of earthquakes and volcanic activity are a natural part of daily weather news. A unique coincidence in the history of the earth ensures that the elemental forces of the earth never rest in Iceland.


Director: Hannes Schuler

44 Min.
Director: Hannes Schuler
Script: Hannes Schuler
Cinematography: Nikolai Ritzkowski
Editing: Hannes Schuler
Music: Manuel Weber; Benni Freibott
Narrator: Claudia Urbschat-Mingues
Editor: Annette Harlfinger
Producer: south&browse GmbH