Special Events

sh:z Tour

For the twelfth time, Schleswig-Holsteinische Zeitungsverlag (sh:z) is sponsoring the sh:z Audience Award by touring 14 cities with GREEN SCREEN films in August. The voting cards submitted by the sh:z audiences determine the winning film. Together with all other GREEN SCREEN awards, the 2,500 Euro award is presented at the festival‘s awards ceremony on September 10th in Eckernfoerde. Information on tickets and dates at

The Films of the Tour:


Die Termine

03. AugustMi06:00 p.m.NeumünsterHolstenhallen
05. AugustFr03:00 p.m.List auf SyltErlebniszentrum
07. AugustSo11:00 a.m.KappelnCapitol Lichtspiele
08. AugustMo11:00 a.m. & 02:30 p.m.FlensburgKino 51 Stufen
10. AugustMi06:30 p.m.EckernfördeCarls Eventlocation
12. AugustFr04:00 p.m. & 08:00 p.m.EutinKino "Binchen"
14. AugustSo10:00 a.m.RendsburgKino-Center
16. AugustDi07:30 p.m.HusumKino-Center
18. AugustDo07:30 p.m.NiebüllEcks Kino
21. August So11:00 a.m.ItzehoeCinemotion
28. AugustSo11:00 a.m.SchleswigCapitol
29. AugustMo10:00 a.m.Wyk/FöhrFilmtheater am Sandwall

25. August until 11. September 2022, Koenigswiesen Schleswig

On the Koenigswiesen in Schleswig, „NORDEN - the nordic arts festival“ offers a diverse music, literature and art program relating to sustainability. GREEN SCREEN will once more participate and will screen this year’s nominated short films. The Norden audience will also vote and determine the winners of the two short film awards, which will be presented at GREEN SCREEN on Friday, September 09, 2022.

All Films of the Short Film Program and the Short Film Program for Kids


  • Fri., 02.09.2022 06:30 p.m.
  • Sat., 03.09.2022 08:30 p.m.
  • Sun., 04.09.2022 12:45 p.m.


  • Sat., 03.09.2022 02:30 p.m.
  • Sat., 03.09.2022 05:30 p.m.
  • Sun., 04.09.2022 03:00 p.m.

Weitere Infos zum Norden Festival:

Eckernförde Talks

Panel Discussion: WAGNIS WILDNIS - How much do we want?

Tue, Sept. 6th 2022, 07.00 pm, Stadthalle, free admission

On the eve of the festival, GREEN SCREEN and the Schleswig-Holstein Foundation for Nature Conservation invite you to the traditional panel discussion Eckernförder Gespräche. This year, the topic of wilderness will be discussed. The term is only clearly defined at first glance. What actually is wilderness and how much of it still exists in Germany? What is wilderness important for and how much area are we willing to preserve for it? These questions are not only discussed between nature conservationists and politicians. Also for farmers, foresters and nature lovers wilderness has become a current topic. The discussion will be enriched by excerpts from this year's opening film Natura Europa - What is Wilderness? In addition to director Jan Haft, representatives from politics, agriculture and nature conservation are expected on stage. In addition to the Eckernförder Gespräche, GREEN SCREEN will also address these questions in other contributions to the festival program.


Wednesday, September 07th 2022, Stadthalle Eckernförde

DOORS OPEN: 7:30 pm

BEGINNING: 8:00 pm


"I hereby declare the Eckernförde International Nature Film Festival open!" With these words of festival director Dirk Steffens the five festival days in September start again this year. He gets prominent support on the stage by the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein Daniel Günther and the nature filmmaker and welcome GREEN SCREEN guest Jan Haft.

Jan Haft is one of the five European nature filmmakers selected to make one of the contributions to the Arte television series Natura Europa to be produced. He and Arte editor Christian Cools talk about the goals and challenges of such a large production. such a large production.

Afterwards, the resulting film Natura Europa - What is Wilderness? will celebrate its world premiere in Eckernförde.


Germany: 2022, 45 min    

Rural birds are dwindling, our amphibians are in crisis, and we have an "insect die-off" that, unlike the "forest die-off" of the 1980s, is not a prediction but a scientifically proven reality. On the other hand, many species thought lost are currently returning, such as the wolf, otter, crane and stork.

Film & Talk

The nature film festival GREEN SCREEN - that is not only films with breathtaking images and information worth knowing about nature and its necessary protection. Festival, that means also meeting and exchange of nature-enthusiastic visitors with the experts of the nature film industry. Under the motto Film & Talk, GREEN SCREEN offers - in addition to the talks with filmmakers following numerous films - two screenings with in-depth information. Here, the subject of the film, the special conditions of filming and production are explained in detail in a panel of experts. Questions from the audience are expressly encouraged. An additional half hour or so should be planned for these events.


Fri., 08.09. 08:00 p.m., Haus

This year’s Honorary Award of the German Documentary Film Prize goes to Werner Herzog for his lifetime oeuvre. The 79 years old director, producer and author is one of the most important and influential filmmakers in the world. His films are considered densely narrated masterpieces that blur the line between fiction and documentary. Werner Herzog is internationally one of the most renowned directors and producers and since 1962 has directed more than 30 documentaries for cinema and television.

GREEN SCREEN will screen Werner Herzog‘s film White Diamond in the presence of the producer and camera team Klaus and Annette Scheurich: In this film, Graham Dorrington follows the dream of the late documentary filmmaker Dieter Plage who died in 1993 in a tragic fall from Dorrington‘s predecessor of an aeronautic vessel. Having witnessed this accident at close quarters and driven by guilt and a childlike dream of soaring above the treetops of the jungle, the engineer sets off for Guyana with Werner Herzog and an upgraded mini Zeppelin.




Fri., 08.09. 08:00 p.m., Spieker (Langebrückstraße 34 / Am Hafen)

Dignified and at the same time amusing, the husky voiced German-French duo LES MARIES from Hamburg play and sing their own melancholic lyrics about life and death. A sound between Vieux Port and Waterkant that has its echoes in the dry expanse of the Texas desert. Marie-Laure Timmich (vocals, backing vocals, keyboard, accordion, piano, djembe) and Klaus Sieg (guitar, banjo, lap steel, glockenspiel, backing vocals) - a French Connection made in heaven with Jochen Reich on drums.

Award Ceremony

Saturday, September 10th 2022, Stadthalle Eckernfoerde

DOORS OPEN: 7:30 pm

BEGINNING: 8:00 pm


On September 10, the green carpet will be rolled out for the 16th time. The best nature films of the year will be honored in 16 categories. The new GREEN SCREEN Nature Film Award will be presented for the second time. Who will be able to take home the popular trophies made of sand this year? GREEN SCREEN

Festival Director Dirk Steffens will lead through the evening.

After the award ceremony, the winners will be celebrated at the aftershow. The winners of the categories GREEN SCREEN Nature Film Award, Heinz Sielmann Film Award and Best Camera will be shown again on will be shown again in the festival program on Sunday afternoon. 

NOTE: Available tickets for the award ceremony can only be purchased directly from the Ticket Center starting September 29, 2022.




Fri., 09.09. 07:00 - 09:00 a.m., Info Booth at Stadthalle Eckernförde // Entrance free

Together with GREEN SCREEN visitors, birders and Gut zu Vögeln podcasters Antonia Coenen and Philipp Juranek do what they love most: Go bird watching. Everyone is invited to join them in exploring Eckernfoerde‘s birdlife. There is much to see and tell. In their podcast Gut zu Vögeln, Antonia and Philipp have been trying to get to the bottom of their deep affection for animals - Antonia from her city balcony in Cologne, Philipp in his wildlife garden in Brandenburg. In each episode, the two humorously feature a bird species - its song, behaviour, „jizz“ and its recurrence in music, art and pop culture.

Bring: sports footwear, binoculars and a water bottle as well as rain or sun protection, depending on weather conditions.


Sun., 11th Sept., from 10 a.m., various venues

Together with kiel.region, GREEN SCREEN has put together a great open air program for families. Documentaries and animal films will be shown on a large LED screen. The face of the NDR series Hannah goes Wild Hannah Emde is expected on the open air stage. In the Small Cinema in the Green, the film Natural Wonder Vegetable Garden will be shown, followed by a garden tour with lots to discover! The Youth Film Award will also be presented on this day. At the award ceremony, a professional jury will award the films of the young talents - who will take the first places in the two categories?

All recommended events and films are available here.


Sun., 11.09. 10:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m., Stadthallenvorplatz

On festival Sunday, the area outside Stadthalle will once more be turned into the GREEN AREA. Information on current nature and environmental protection topics will be available from booths hosted by Stiftung Naturschutz, NABU Eckernfoerde and others offering activities and many ideas on the wilderness topic. Weary festival goers can recharge at Florian‘s coffee cart and relax on the traditional green sofas.

Green Market

Sun., 11.09. 10:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m., Peak of the Harbour Eckernförde

For this year’s finale of the GREEN SCREEN wildlife film festival, the [Mohltied!] GREEN MARKET invites you for a delicious harbour stroll between the tip of the harbour and the wooden bridge. On Sunday, September 11th, between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., you can sample the products of around 70 regional producers and restaurateurs presented at a colourful market of regional delights inviting visitors to discover, taste and shop. In a large tent, Northern chefs demonstrate how to turn regional ingredients into delicious dishes starting at 11 and at each subsequent full hour. More information on the [Mohltied!] GREEN MARKET available in the next issue of [Mohltied!] Das Besseresser-Magazin für Schleswig- Holstein, and at



GREEN SCREEN in Sønderborg

21., 29. und 30. Sept., Sønderborg

Partners of the GREEN SCREEN festival in Sønderborg are the House of Science and this year for the first time the city‘s library. Following the Eckernfoerde festival, the library invites nursery children, schoolchildren and adults to its event location offering a wide selection of GREEN SCREEN entries. Over the past eight years, thousands of schoolchildren and adults watched GREEN SCREEN wildlife films and participated in events organized by House of Science.