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On your smartphone you can use a VR headset and look around to see these videos up close in the full 360° experience with the YouTube app. To do so, click on the "Youtube" symbol after the video has started. In the browser-based 360° version you can click and drag to see the 360° view.

Guardians of the Kingdom


The Guardians of the Kingdom VR experience explores the links between humans and whales. It is an interwoven story of two mothers -- one human, one whale -- and the connections that bind them. It is the story of reconciliation between a giant who was once hunted and the people of the Kingdom of Tonga.

with the Voice of Dr Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and Oceanographer and Finau Molisi

360° | Coral Reefs - Life Below The Surface


Join us on a journey through the Coral Triangle and its magnificent coral reefs. These underwater gardens have the largest biodiversity of life on Earth and can only be compared to tropical rainforests.

But as the planet keeps warming, our oceans are changing. Coral bleaching, ocean acidification, overfishing and pollution are threatening the world’s coral reefs and their fragile ecosystems.

Our oceans and its reefs must be protected now for the benefit of future generations and the health of our blue planet.

Filmed & edited by The Jetlagged:

My Africa | Official 360 Film [HD] | Conservation International


MyAfrica transports viewers to the untamed rangelands of Kenya, where Lupita Nyong'o narrates the story of a young Samburu woman named Naltwasha Leripe. Whether tending daily livestock, digging “singing” wells deep into dry riverbanks or rescuing a baby elephant orphaned by a poacher’s gun, Naltwasha reveals a world in which the futures of wildlife and people are intertwined.

Journey with Conservation International to face thundering wildebeest, baby elephants and a community devoted to saving Africa’s wildlife.

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Under The Canopy (360 video) | Conservation International (CI)


Journey into the largest tract of tropical rainforest on our planet — the Amazon.

Narrated by indigenous guide, Kamanja Panashekung, and actor Lee Pace, this new virtual reality film by Conservation International and Jaunt VR takes you into the Amazon and urges the protection of world’s largest rainforest.

This film was made possible with support from the MacArthur Foundation. Distribution support is provided by SC Johnson, with additional support provided by the Tiffany and Co. Foundation and HP Inc.

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POLAR OBSESSION 360 | National Geographic


National Geographic Photographer Paul Nicklen braves rough ocean waters and sub-zero temperatures to return to Antarctica and dive beneath the ice for a close-up encounter with a twelve-foot-long leopard seal.

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Wilderness: an immersive 360° journey into Patagonia


The wilderness of Patagonia – shared by Argentina and Chile – has frequently been threatened by logging and oil industries. But in January, Chile signed a historic act of conservation, creating five protected national parks covering 4m hectares.

The Guardian:

The Protectors, Walk in the Ranger's Shoes (Full VR Documentary) | National Geographic


The Protectors, Walk in the Ranger’s Shoes, is a documentary short shot in Virtual Reality that chronicles a day in the life of a ranger in Garamba National Park. These rangers are often the last line of defense in a race against extinction at the hands of poachers slaughtering elephants for their ivory tusks.

Co-created by Academy Award-winning director Kathryn Bigelow and VR creator Imraan Ismail, watch the full documentary here.

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