Federal state denies funds for Green Screen

International film festival is unknown to many delegates - Eckernförde supports with 50 000 Euro - Kieler Nachrichten 12.09. 2015


Jochen Hillers on the Walk of Fame

The late president of the friends association gets his own granite slab on the beach promenade / Ticket reservation for the festival in full swing

„I joined with heart and soul“

Green Screen: Ulrike Lafrenz electd - Regional Edition of KIELER NACHRICHTEN, Thursday 26. March 2015

Price money donated

Mr. Iwasaki, producer of the Best Marine Film 2014, "Legends of the Deep - Deep Sea Sharks" proudly presents the ship from donor Behn that has found...

GREEN SCREEN 2014 Yields Positive Record

Viewer interest in top productions in the field of nature and wildlife films and documentaries remains undiminished.


The Cover motif 2015

The new cover motif is the Mexican hogfish (Bodianus diplotaenia). It is a member of the wrasse family, which includes more than 500 species.

Obiturary for Jochen Hillers

Obituary When you speak about a friend you let our heart speak. I first met Jochen Hillers on 13th October, 2006. Or rather I made his acquaintance by...

Nature Close-Ups on the Big Screen

Kiel / Eckernförde, September 8th, 2014. The International Wildlife Film Festival Green Screen taking place in Eckernförde in Schleswig-Holstein has...

Ticket Machinery is Gaining Momentum

Even before the official start of ticket sales on August 28th, the ticket office is receiving orders and reservations, including the school screenings...