TV Host Dirk Steffens To Become New Green Screen Festival Director

Hamburg based science journalist and TV host Dirk Steffens to become the new director of Green Screen International Wildlife Film Festival. Steffens...

It was a Festival of Tears

Green Screen Management Draws Positive Balance – Seating Capacity and Venues are at their Limit - Kieler Nachrichten September 9. 2016

Green Screen: Casual and professional

US film producer Steve Holloway commends the festival town, the interest shown by the spectators, the quality of the films and the exchange of views...

„Cute animal babies are not interesting“

Green Screen festival director Gerald Grote talks about the up-coming nature film festival in Eckernförde – and his personal film favourites

A Flood of Filmmakers

This year, an exceptional number of filmmakers will be attending the Green Screen festival screenings. - Eckernförder Zeitung 08.09. 2016

New Poster: „Watch Green Screen Flourish“

Russian entry wins Green Screen's poster competition / A jungle emerging from a film reel adorns the anniversary festival

Posters Submissions even from China and the US

Poster competition for the Green Screen Festival 2016 – what about any entries from Schleswig-Holstein?

„We want and need a cinema in Eckernförde“

Green Screen Management Hopes for a Decision in the Near Future

Kieler Nachrichten 27.02. 2016

1300 Viewers in Sonderborg, Denmark

International Wildlife Film Festival Green Screen presents selected nature films in a double feature at the Alsion

Eckernförder Zeitung 23.09. 2015