A Flood of Filmmakers

This year, an exceptional number of filmmakers will be attending the Green Screen festival screenings. - Eckernförder Zeitung 08.09. 2016

Red boxes mean „filmmaker will be present at screening“: Maike Juraschka and her colleagues Markus Behrens and Carsten Füg from the Green Screen office still have plenty of work left to do in the last days before the festival. Foto: Peters

The International Wildlife Film Festival Green Screen (September 14th to 18th ) will be packed: None of the previous festivals in Green Screen's ten year history has seen as many filmmakers visiting Eckernförde. It's already certain that about half of the screenings will be accompanied by one of the filmmakers, cinematographers, sound technicians, editors or producers, who will all be glad to answer any questions the viewers may want to ask after the films. „And we're receiving still more requests for accreditation every day“, says Maike Juraschka from the Green Screen organisational office.

About 150 filmmakers, producers and representatives of broadcasting stations from all over the world are expected to come. What they appreciate most is the chance for direct dialogue with both colleagues and the audience.

100 films will be showing, originating from 20 countries including Taiwan, Kenia, Iran and New Zealand. Their flags will all be raised in front of the Stadthalle venue on Monday. Also, local entries from Schleswig-Holstein are participating, such as „Wipfelstürmer“ (i.e. Treetop Sumitteer) by Ralf Bartels and „Kampf ums Gewächshaus“ (“The Greenhouse Battle”) by Tim Boehme. Both are nominees in the category “Wild Schleswig-Holstein“ and will be shown as a double feature (“Doppel 5”) on Saturday, Sept. 17th at 4 p.m. at the “Haus” venue. Further highlights in German whose filmmakers will attend their screenings include „Tiermythen – Im Auge des Löwen“ (“Nature Tales – Bushmen in Namibia” by Claudia Schwab, Dunja Engelbrecht, Sept. 16th , 2 p.m., Stadthalle), „Frühlingswelten“ (“Springtime Stories” by Annette Scheurich, Alexandra and Steffen Sailer, Sept. 16th , 6 p.m., Stadthalle), „Wildes Südafrika – Kap der Extreme“ (“South Africa – Clash of Currents” by Thomas Behrend, Mirco Tribanek, Sept. 17th , at 12 noon, Stadthalle), „Wildes Südafrika – Wo die Wüste blüht“ (“South Africa - Killers of the Kalahari” by Heike Grebe, Thomas Behrend, Mirco Tribanek, Sept. 18th , 2 p.m., Stadthalle) and „Arte Matinee 360° Geo Report: Bird Island – Lonesome amongst Penguins“ (Ines Possemeyer, Sept. 18th , at 12 noon, Stadthalle). Prof. Theo Pagel, director of the Cologne Zoo, is one of the experts who will be attending “Theos Tierwelt“ (“Guardians of Wildlife – Europe”, Sept. 18th , 10 a.m., Turnhalle). And following  „Wildes Deutschland – Der Chiemsee“ (“Lake Chiemsee” Sept. 17th , 10 a.m., Stadthalle) producer Melanie Haft will discuss any questions coming from the audience.

There are still tickets availabe, especially for the larger venues. And even some originally sold-out films may be available again due to some ticket reservations from advanced sales being returned or never picked up. It may be worthwhile asking at the Ticketcenter (Am Exer 3, Tel. 04351/476492) or at the desired screening itself, since all ticket reservations expire after Sept 9th and remaining tickets become freely available again.

Arne Peters Translation: Karin Neumann