Festival director Dirk Steffens was awarded the honorary prize of the Heinz Sielmann Foundation

Heinz Sielmann Ehrenpreis honors Dirk Steffens for his commitment to species conservation

[Translate to English:] Frank Horst Hämmerle (links), Gewinner des Ehrenpreises 2017 und langjähriger Landrat des Landreises Konstanz, sowie Dr. Ing. E.h. Fritz Brickwedde, Stiftungsratsvorsitzender der Heinz Sielmann Stiftung, überreichten den Preis an Dirk Steffens. Foto: Silas Stein/Bildkraftwerk

On Thursday, November 14, the foundation of the famous animal filmmaker Heinz Sielmann awarded the honorary prize of the same name. Journalist and conservationist Dirk Steffens has been honored for his commitment to the extinction of species. He said: "Man has caused a massive extinction of species and only he can stop it." The award ceremony took place in the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt am Main. The award for one of the most important German nature conservation awards was accompanied by an expert dialogue on climate change.

In addition to his work as a TV presenter and fighter for species conservation, science journalist Dirk Steffens has been an honorary director of the International Nature Film Festival GREEN SCREEN since 2016.

We congratulate to the award of this honorary prize.