Jochen Hillers on the Walk of Fame

The late president of the friends association gets his own granite slab on the beach promenade / Ticket reservation for the festival in full swing

Eckernförder Zeitung, 19.08. 2015 by Arne Peters
It is an annual ritual: several weeks before the Green-Screen nature film festival the granite slabs for the award winners of the previous year are fitted into the bricks of the beach promenade. This year the Eckernförde "Walk of Fame" will get an additional slab. Jochen Hillers, the president of the friends association who died last year, gets his own spot in the phalanx of the price winners. The stone was laid down yesterday in the presence of his partner Andrea Wendenhorst.

Jochen Hillers survived last year's festival only a couple of days, he died on 11. September 2014. With his inexhaustible energy and creativity he was an important motor for the international nature film festival which he supported from the beginning and brought forward.
His name adorns the end of the beach promenade renamed "Green-Screen-Promenade" between the Baltic Sea Information center (OIC) and the Stadthalle - as for now last "award winner" or the festival.

For 5 years the lavishly made stones have been donated by Karin Lembke. All in all about 75 stones go on the account of the donor. "each year I pay so many bills teeth-gnashingly, in contrast I enjoy doing it for Green Screen", she says.

Meanwhile the team of volunteers taking responsibility for ticket reservation got their hands full. Tickets for the festival can be reserved on-line or via mail since 10. August. Reservations need to be registered and sorted, all in all there are 18 000 tickets for sale. "Four films are already sold out", says Astrid Himstedt.
Direct sale of the tickets starts on 31. August in the Stadthotel (side entrance to the left, 10 a.m until 6 p.m.), the festival is running from the 10. to the 14. September. From 31. August onwards reserved tickets can be collected. "Many people take the opportunity to reserve and pay via bank transfer", says Astrid Himstedt. This way they secure the tickets and they can relax and collect on the day the film is shown. There is a high demand for the festival tickets at € 35, which makes viewing of 15 films possible. 200 passes have been reserved already. The opening ceremony is also a favourite. Besides the many invited guests 100 tickets were for sale and they are all gone. There are still tickets available for the awards ceremony.
Even though over 100 volunteers are working for the festival pro bono, new helpers are always welcome. There is a contact form on the homepage for everyone who would like to join. Alternatively, people are invited to come to the volunteer meeting on 25. August at 6:30 p.m. at the Stadthotel.
(Translation Barbara C. Schlesinger)