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Videomessage Hannah Le Leu and Mitchell Romanowski

It shows a small sea turtle photographed by Hannah Le Leu.

Hannah Le Leu and Mitchell Romanowski are two photographers from Australia and together they are known as HannahMitchell Photography. The image of the little newly hatched green sea turtle is a snapshot that Hannah was lucky enough to capture. The duo won various awards with this image has been featured on National Geographic, BBC Earth and in dive magazines. They hope to use their images to raise awareness and symbolize their love for the ocean. Hannah and Mitchell are thrilled to be a part of this year's GREEN SCREEN Nature Film Festival with the image "Against all odds".

The story behind the picture "Against all Odds: On Australia's Heron Island, a green sea turtle cautiously slips to the surface in front of a sky full of hungry birds. Against all odds, the hatchling must struggle through the conditions of a raging storm while dodging a variety of predators. The tropical storm has not only brought thousands of circling birds to the scene, but also patrolling sharks and large schools of fish that prey on the baby turtles. Only 1 in 1000 of the hatched turtles survive. Will this one survive against all odds?