The new Green Sceen 2010 title animal is the puma.

The second biggest predator cat of the new world is very flexible. Initially, "Felis concolor" (lat.) lives in the mountains, swamps, and in the desert of the continent. Therefore, it has many native names but is usually called either the American mountain lion, Florida-Panther or cougar, and many more Native, English, and Spanish names.

Pumas are fast sprinters and excellent long-jumpers. They are also called "spirits of the wilderness" and are distinctive and shy loners. They even avoid meeting their fellow species.  The behaviour of this animal is different from the big cats. For example it does not roar like a lion but purrs like a domestic cat. It has a certain similarity to a lioness, but with a smaller but round head and pointed ears. It is related to a cheetah.

The Puma is a highly endangered species, to which animal conservationists pay great attentiveness.

Photographer of the motive  is Konrad Wothe by LOOK-foto.