„We want and need a cinema in Eckernförde“

Green Screen Management Hopes for a Decision in the Near Future

Kieler Nachrichten 27.02. 2016

They have brought wildlife film to a broad audience. And they wish to continue doing so. But the makers of Green Screen are finding this increasingly difficult. The reason: Eckernförde lacks a cinema with a sufficiently large seating capacity and state-of-the-art technical equipment. No one can predict how much longer it will be feasible to stage an international nature and wildlife film festival with only provisional technical facilities. Needless to say, this situation is unsatisfactory for everyone involved.
„We show films on bed sheets“, is how festival director Gerald Grote deliberately exaggerates the situation. For a while this seemed quite charming, but in the long run it is not an adequate solution. Film makers today use increasingly sophisticated technology for both their video and audio work. Venues such as the screening room in the OIC Baltic Information Centre or the „Galerie 66“ do not provide adequate possibilities to meet these growing requirements. Managing director Markus Behrens takes a firm stand: „We want and need a cinema in Eckernförde.“ It would not necessarily need to have five big screen theatres, but it should be well equipped, especially regarding the technical qualifications.
Without wanting to barge in on the ongoing discussion about a possible location, the festival staff agrees that a final decision must be reached soon, it should not take further years of debate. Deferring it to the year 2020 is no viable option. Although there have been a number of proposals about the site of a future cinema, nothing has happened to this day, Behrens complains. Among other things, the festival organisers find it essential that one cinema should continuously and reliably be available to Green Screen.
Martin Krohn, deputy chairman of the promotion society, would recognise a speedy agreement on the location of a new cinema as a crucial signal for Green Screen and its many volunteer helpers, who are indispensable for carrying out this festival. Gerald Grote puts it in a nutshell: „We finally need some light at the end of the tunnel.“ tze