Wall of Death

Giant Ibex lock horns in a ritual battle dominance. Their young will be hunted mercilessly by fearsome predators. And for those who somehow manage to survive this gauntlet of predation, the fiercest enemy of all is the 'Wall of Death'.


A terrifying, vertical wall of death rises up from the sterile waters of the Dead Sea. Sheer rock cliffs and jagged precipices loom over the barren Judean desert in the land of the Bible. High in the craggy cliffs is a stark world of vivid contrasts - a treacherous lifeline that offers both life and death. Those who seek shelter here risk nature's deadliest assaults… opportunistic gangs of hyenas and wolves, along with frequent earthquakes that can send even the mightiest creature tumbling into the abyss.


Our film follows the terrific and brutal struggles of survival in this savage home along the wall of death. It is an ever-shifting battlefield where both predator and prey fall victim to nature's fickle whims. To survive, each creature must prove its mettle - whether it's negotiating treacherous paths down sheer cliffs or fleeing from predators. Who wins and who loses is not just a matter of brains versus brawn, sometimes sheer courage, anatomical advantages or just pure luck can win you points - until the next round.


Wall of Death is a remarkable tale of survival set against one of the most brutal and beautiful landscapes on the planet. Dramatic interaction between ibex and their surroundings is taken up a notch when nature unleashes its fury in a series of devastating floods and earthquakes.

Director: Moshe Alpert

Cameraman, director and founder of Afikim Productions, was born and lives in Kibbutz Afikim. He began his professional career in 1968 as a news cameraman for Israeli television. In 1973 he began working also for the American CBS-NEWS network. To date he has filmed for them most of the security and war footage in the area since the Yom Kippur War to the second Lebanese War. He has worked with some of the network's best anchormen and reporters including Dan Rather and Bob Simon. (2007)

52 Min.
Director: Moshe Alpert
Producer: Yossi Weissler
Nominations: Best Film 2007