The Volunteers

They are the pillars on which the largest annual European wildlife film festival rests. Without them, a festival of this magnitude both addressing and largely run by the regional community would not be possible. Every year, more than 100 volunteer helpers support the festival organisation team before and during the event, ensuring a smooth run and content visitors.

Volunteer work areas

Astrid & Uli Himstedt

Area Manager TicketCenter

Sabine Wilkens-Detlefsen

Area Manager ticket sales at the venues

Jens Stender & Dr. Christine Nissen

Area Manager moderation

Volker Müller

Area Manager projectionists

Heidi Broecker

Area Manager Events and Gala

Dagmar Behn

Area Manager Events and Gala

Heidi Packschies

Area Manager Events and Gala

Kerstin Borowski


Angelika Rau

School cooperations


The TicketCenter is the most extensive part of helper activities. It starts in July with the processing of mail and online orders and ends on the last day of the festival. The large number of volunteers in this area requires special coordination.

Box Office

During the festival volunteers at the venues check admissions and sell tickets not previously sold.


Our presenters are another important component of the helper activities during the festival. Not only do they announce films, but they also provide visitors with background knowledge on the nature film productions. Following each screening, they direct the discussion between the audience and attending filmmakers.


Volunteer projectionists are responsible for the smooth order of events in the Council Chamber and the Baltic Sea Info Center. Obviously, technical knowledge is an advantage.

Service Gala

The service staff ensures the physical well-being of festival guests during the opening and the prize gala.


Our messengers are likewise indispensable. During the festival, they take backup-films to the different venues. They also ensure a quick exchange of necessary equipment between the venues and the festival office.


The professional translator team provides international guests with all important information in English before and during the festival. They translate texts for the program and the website and provide simultaneous translation during gala events and workshops.


At the Info-Desk visitors get more information about the promotion society, the upcoming events and merchandising products