Recording of Seminar 1

Naturfilm aktuell - New exploitation chains

Thursday, Sept. 09th 2021, 10 a.m., Galerie 66

Host: Dirk Steffens (Festival Director)

"ARD online - new presentation possibilities of the nature film"

Speaker: Jörn Röver, Managing Director Doclights GmbH

Since the beginning of the year, the ARD Mediathek has included the section "ARD Natur - Erlebnis Erde" (ARD Nature - Experience Earth), and matching social media presences are being planned. Thus, the demand for additional material to the animal films or for new formats is growing.

One idea - countless possibilities

Speaker: Dr. Claudia Zenkert, Managing Director SEETREE GmbH


TV stations worldwide are expanding their digital strategy and are looking for online outlets for their productions. This is an opportunity for filmmakers to exploit their projects on multiple levels. It's time to think ideas more holistically. What do you need to look out for in contracting and how can you leverage synergies?

Challenges and opportunities of a cross-outlet approach.



Exploitation through international world sales

Speaker: Anne Olzmann, Managing Director Albatross World Sales

In addition to the classic international TV market, an enormous non-linear market has established itself with a multitude of new VOD players.

Which platforms are really interesting? Which rights are licensed? Is it worth it at all?



Aufzeichnung von Seminar 2

Quo vadis environmental reporting - catastrophic or constructive - what can/should films about environmental problems achieve?

Friday, Sept. 10th 2021, 10 a.m., Galerie 66

It discusses: Christian Cools Editor Arte TV), Sabine Holzer (Head of Specialist Factual Terra Mater Factual Studios), Dirk Steffens (TV Moderator), Thomas Weidenbach (Producer Längengrad GmbH)

Climate change, loss of species, destruction of nature - never before have environmental problems been so much in the focus of social debate and in the media. What does this mean for filmmakers, producers and editors who deal with such topics? Constantly painting the catastrophe on the wall? Does that lead to more engagement on the part of the viewer or to disinterest? Or should solutions and visions be pointed out, as the advocates of "constructive" journalism want? The makers of the ARTE film series "Good News from the Planet" have opted for positive examples instead of doomsday scenarios and have met with a lot of response, especially among younger people. Other formats such as „Plan B“ from the ZDF also rely on positive examples. Could this groundbreaking? Or is it greenwashing?

To attend the Zoom Conference of the Pitching Session, you must be accredited and registered. If you are accredited and registered, here you will find the link to the ZOOM conference.

Pitching - Session

Friday, Sept. 10th 2020, 02 p.m., Galerie 66

Moderation: Annette Scheurich (Marco Polo Film AG), Udo A. Zimmermann (former editor-in-chief TIERE UND NATUR, Bayerischer Rundfunk)

International nature, environmental and wildlife filmmakers use this unique opportunity to present their planned project to an audience of a number of editors and producers, to get feedback and, with luck, find a financing partner or deal with a broadcasting station. Projects from previous pitches have already been realized and the event led to several other projects in the making

Anatomy of a Production - Diary of a Bee

Saturday, Sept. 11th 2021, 10 a.m., Galerie 66

Speaker: Jan Stefan Kolbe, Brian McClatchy, Dennis Wells 

3 year production period, 16 hives, 4 stations, 148 shooting days, 108 editing days, 50 TB of footage, an orchestra, and probably the most anatomically accurate computer model of a bee. All this to tell the 6-week life of a single bee. Because it's worth it - at least that's what the creative team behind the film "Diary of a Bee" thinks. Director Dennis Wells, cameraman Brian McClatchy and editor Jan Stefan Kolbe talk about the challenge of looking a bee in the eye with a camera, finding the fearful look of a bee in the footage and what to do when the bees don't read the script.



Workshop: Young Filmmakers Meet Professionals - An exchange

Saturday, Sept. 11th 2021, 02 p.m., Galerie 66

Moderation: Michael v. Bürk (GREEN SCREEN)

Young filmmakers and those who want to become filmmakers report on their first projects and exchange ideas with experienced filmmakers about professional opportunities. The workshop offers a conversation between the jurors of this year's youth jury and four filmmakers who have been working for years as producers, cinematographers, directors and writers.

Participating will be young filmmakers Thies Hinrichsen, Philipp Hoy, Gamander López and Karin Lorenz, as well as filmmakers Robin Jähne, Christina Karliczek-Skoglund, Herbert Ostwald and Klaus Scheurich. Visitors to the workshop will be included in the conversation. Young people who are interested in filming or have already made their first films are invited, as well as experienced professionals who would like to engage in conversation with young filmmakers.