Workshop: Underwater filming in the baltic sea

Thursday, Sept. 14th 2017, 02.00 pm, Neuer Seminarraum (Stadthallenrestaurant "Luzifer")

Friday, Sept. 15th 2017, 10.00 am, Tauchen und Meer (practice part)

Speaker/Moderation: Christina Karlizcek-Skoglund (Black Coral Film), Uli Baron (NDR) und Ulf Marquardt (Filmemacher)

This workshop is about the technological strategy of underwater filming in the Baltic Sea. On the second day 12 participants will film their own underwater sequences. A PADI Opened Water Diver or another driver’s license is required.

Seminar 1: 4k, 8k, VR, AR – Trends or future?

Friday, 15.09.17, 10.00 am, Neuer Seminarraum (Stadthallenrestaurant "Luzifer")

Moderation: Jörn Röver (Doclights Gmbh / NDR Naturfilm)

Speaker: Nikolei Longolius (schnee von morgen webTV GmbH), Daniel Opitz (Regisseur und Produzent), Walter Köhler (Terra Mater)


After the first enthusiasm about 3D an unvalued product has become what was expected as the future of multimedia. But what will be the future? High quality screens or virtual reality videos? And will they have influence on our wildlife films? This seminar is presented by Jörn Röver who will answers some questions on these and more topics.



Seminar 2: Pitching - Session

Friday, Sept. 15th 2017, 02.00 pm, Neuer Seminarraum (Stadthallenrestaurant "Luzifer")

Moderation: Annette Scheurich (Marco Polo Film AG) und Udo A. Zimmermann (ehemaliger Redaktionsleiter „Tiere und Natur“ des Bayrischen Rundfunks)

For the fourth time Green Screen is offering eight filmmakers the chance to present their projects to a panel consisting of editors, producers and sales departments and the expert audience. Some of the projects were already put into practice, others are in the making.




Seminar 3: Music in wildlife films

Saturday, Sept. 15th 2017, 10.00 am, Neuer Seminarraum (Stadthallenrestaurant "Luzifer")

Speaker: Jörg Magnus Pfeil, Oliver Heuss

Score is a very important and often underestimated part of filmmaking. Presenters Jörg Magnus Pfeil and Oliver Heuss will analyse and show examples of filmmusic and their functions when planning and making a film and answer current questions .



Symposium "Sielmann 100" Wildlife films - past and present

Saturday, Sept. 16th 2017, 02.00 pm, Seminarraum Stadthallenrestaurant Eckernförde

Entrance free!

Opening words: Michael Beier (Vorstand Heinz Sielmann Stiftung)

Speaker: Jörn Röver (Doclights Gmbh/NDR Naturfilm), Jan Haft (nautilusfilm), Thomas Behrend (BLUE PLANET FILM), Prof. Michael Sutor (Filmemacher, Dozent)

Heinz Sielmann´s film Galapagos was a great succes in 1961. But what was possible then in visual and auditive film designs and what is possible now?