French Connection

Opportunities and Challenges of Franco-German Co-Productions

Thursday, Sept. 08th 2022, 04 p.m., Seminarraum (Turnhalle)

For the first time, GREEN SCREEN specifically brings together German and French film producers, filmmakers and editors to spark a new dynamic for co-productions and partnerships in the making of nature and wildlife films. Binational collaboration offers unique opportunities, but also presents partners with unique legal, financial and creative challenges. Nicolas Zunino and Thomas Weidenbach will moderate the seminar. In addition to Claudia Schwab and Christian Cools, other experts from the industry are expected to attend. This seminar will be simultaneously translated into French.

NATURFILM AKTUELL - New sustainability standards and their implementation possibilities in nature film production

Friday, Sept. 09th 2022, 10 a.m., Seminarraum (Turnhalle)

Green Motion is the name of the label that has been mandatory for many productions and subsidies since January 1, 2022. But what does it take to get the label? Who is it interesting for? Which subsidies are only possible with the label? Which criteria are difficult or impossible to fulfill? Where are the hooks in the CO2 calculator? What role can those responsible for nature and environmental documentaries play in the transformation of the media industry? And what is already being practiced successfully in nature films? Korina Gutsche has many years of practical experience as a consultant in the media industry and reports on the relevance, the status quo, and the challenges in implementing effective climate protection measures. Moritz Mayerle has supervised current film productions of Marco Polo Film AG in the context of the 100 Green Productions and the Reallabor. He shares his best practice experiences in implementation specifically with regard to nature films. Dirk Steffens reports: What are the guidelines and requirements for broadcasters? Are they in the obligation or the producers?

This seminar will be simultaneously translated into English.

Pitching - Session

Friday, Sept. 10th 2020, 02 p.m., Seminarraum (Turnhalle)

Moderation: Annette Scheurich (Marco Polo Film AG), Udo A. Zimmermann (former editor-in-chief TIERE UND NATUR, Bayerischer Rundfunk)

International nature, environmental and wildlife filmmakers use this unique opportunity to present their planned project to an audience of a number of editors and producers, to get feedback and, with luck, find a financing partner or deal with a broadcasting station. Projects from previous pitches have already been realized and the event led to several other projects in the making.

This seminar will be simultaneously translated into English.


Saturday, Sept. 10th 2022, 10 a.m., Seminarraum (Turnhalle)

Every person hopes never to be in an emergency medical situation, in which he/she or a loved one could be seriously harmed. could come to serious harm. But what if something else happens and you are suddenly confronted with an emergency situation yourself? suddenly confronted with an emergency situation? Anyone who spends time in remote areas - i.e., away from urban structures - will quickly discover that away from urban structures - will quickly discover that in a medical emergency situation "normal" first aid courses are usually not sufficient. What does one do then? How can a medical emergency situation be recognized emergency situation be recognized and helped at an early stage? Martin Eickhoff has many years of professional experience in national and international emergency medicine and has himself been active for over 18 years as a trainer and consultant in various national and international medical fields ( Rosie Koch, like all her colleagues, often finds herself in remote areas and often in dangerous situations. When she was recently confronted with another medical emergency deep in the jungle, she once again fervently wished she had been better prepared.

This seminar will be simultaneously translated into English.