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sh:z Tour

For the 13th time, the Schleswig-Holsteinische Zeitungsverlag (sh:z) sponsors the audience award and tours the north with GREEN SCREEN in August. The readers of sh:z vote for the winning film. The prize of 2,500 euros will be awarded alongside the other GREEN SCREEN prizes at the festival's festive awards ceremony on September 9 in Eckernförde.

The Films of the Tour:


Die Termine

01. AugustThu.06:00 pmNeumünsterHolstenhallen
06. AugustSun.11:00 amSchleswig Capitol
07. AugustMon.11:00 am & 02:30 pmFlensburgKino 51 Stufen
10. AugustTue.07:00 pmNiebüllEcks Kino
11. AugustFri.06:00 pmList auf SyltNaturgewalten Erlebniszentrum
13. AugustSun.11:00 amItzehoeCinemotion Itzehoe
15. AugustThu.07:30 pmHusumKino-Center
19. AugustSat.10:00 amKappelnCapitol-Lichtspiele
20. AugustSun.11:00 amBad OldesloeOho Kino
24. AugustWed.06:00 pmEckernfördeSchulhof der Willers Jessen Schule (open air)
27. August Sun.10:00 amRendsburgKino-Center

*Weitere Termine in Vorbereitung

Smokehouse cinema

Fri., 11.08.2023 08:00 p.m. / Innenhof der „Alten Fischräucherei Eckernförde“ // 7,50 €

In the courtyard of the museum Alte Fischräucherei Eckernförde a special film experience awaits the visitors. In the midst of this unique setting, the audience can literally dive into the film, because "Unsere Meere - Unbekannte Ostsee" by Thomas Behrend will be shown (with the kind support of doclights GmbH) will be shown. Meanwhile the team of the museum association provides for the physical well-being.

Tickets from 01 August 2023 at Schuhhaus Krohn in Kieler Straße 46.


Fri., 25.08.2023. 04:30 p.m., 06:30 p.m., 09:00 p.m. / Strandabschnitt am Ostsee Info-Center // Entrance free

In August, the beach at the Baltic Sea Information Center is transformed into a charming beach cinema. Visitors can make themselves comfortable on deck chairs and blankets and enjoy the view of the sea. Thanks to an LED screen, the movies can start already at daylight. In the afternoon (04:30 p.m.) the audience will be surprised by cute meerkats. The film ERDMÄNNCHEN - Ein starkes Team (with the kind support of WDR) is suitable for the whole family. The evening before (6:30 p.m.) belongs to the short film. The audience will vote for the winner of the award for BEST SHORT FILM at the GREEN SCREEN Festival. In the evening (09:00 p.m.) the film DER STRAND by Annette and Klaus Scheurich will be shown, which was already shown in last year's program and inspired numerous visitors. The film shows the diverse life on the beach as well as in and around the water, which normally escapes the gaze of vacationers seeking relaxation and sunbathing. A real eye opener for all beach visitors!


For several years now, the Hamburg book halls have been hosting film events for children and young people with GREEN SCREEN films on various nature-related topics. The partnership will continue in 2023 at some of the Bücherhallen locations. With any luck, a filmmaker will also be there to answer questions. Things get exciting the last week of August! The short film program for kids comes to the book halls and all viewers:inside can vote for the short films: Who will win the award for the BEST SHORT FILM FOR KIDS can be found out on September 9 at the big award ceremony in Eckernförde. More information about the book halls and the events:



24. August until 10. September 2023, Koenigswiesen Schleswig

"NORDEN - the nordic arts festival" presents every year on the Königswiesen in Schleswig a diverse music, literature and art program under the aspect of sustainability. GREEN SCREEN will of course be there again and present the nominated short films of this festival. The northern audience will vote on who will win the two short film awards, which will be presented at GREEN SCREEN on Saturday, September 09, 2023.

All Films of the Short Film Program and the Short Film Program for Kids


  • Thu., 31.08.2023, 08:00 p.m.
  • Fri., 01.09.2023, 05:30 p.m.
  • Sat., 02.09.2023, 04:15 p.m.
  • Sun., 03.09.2023, 05:45 p.m.


  • Sat., 02.09.2023, 02:45 p.m.
  • Sun., 03.09.2023, 12:45 p.m.
  • Sun., 03.09.2023, 01:30 p.m.


More Infos about Norden Festival:


Wed., 06.09.23 - Sun., 10.09.23, Stadthalle

This year's poster competition was a complete success. More than 150 submissions from all over the world reached the Eckernförde Festival - photographers from Australia to the USA took part in the competition for the 2023 poster motif with impressive animal photographs. The well-known portrait of a field wasp by photographer Cristina Krippahl won the race! During the festival days, the 30 top-ranked submissions will now also be exhibited in Eckernförde, and guests will have the opportunity to view the images during their visit to the event at the Stadthalle.

Eckernförde Talks

Panel Discussion

Tue, Sept. 5th 2023, 07.00 pm, Stadthalle, free admission

The little sea turtle has just freed itself from the egg shell and dug itself out of the sand, when it already makes a fatal mistake: it does not crawl directly into the sea, but in the opposite direction, towards a road! The reason is the bright street lamps, which disturb its natural orientation system. This is one of the film scenes that clearly show how artificial light, which is supposed to benefit people, harms nature.

The Eckernförder Gespräche traditionally take place on the eve of the first day of the festival. In 2023, the talks will address the question of how much and what kind of artificial light we need at all and how the damage to nature can be minimized.

Various experts will be present for the panel discussion, including Annette Scheurich (film producer of the film LICHT AUS! - Wie Kunstlicht die Natur verändert), Iris Ploog (Mayor of Eckernförde) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochem Berlemann (light pollution expert). Sandra Redmann (Stiftung Naturschutz S.-H.) and Michael Packschies (GREEN SCREEN Festival) will moderate.


Wednesday, September 06th 2023, Stadthalle Eckernförde

DOORS OPEN: 7:30 pm

BEGINNING: 8:00 pm


Exciting environmental documentaries. Gripping nature films. Enlightening conversations between filmmakers and audience. And a family reunion of the nature film industry. The anticipation for the five festival days in September is clearly noticeable when festival director Dirk Steffens ceremoniously opens the 17th GREEN SCREEN Festival on Wednesday evening. The team that helped produce the opening film, the world premiere BEAR ALARM IN TRANSSILVANIA, is expected on stage. Also, as part of this year's country focus, Festival Director Raymond Laagerward of the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam will be on stage.


Germany: 2023, German, 45 min    

Deep in the forests of Transylvania, an ancient bear cult has survived. The largest land predator in Europe stands for rebirth. Fascination with the bear has survived into modern times in Romania, culminating in a breeding program under Ceausescu to satisfy the dictator's lust for hunting. Today, the regime is history. What remains are the bears - and there are more and more of them, conflicts are inevitable. We follow a bear and her three cubs on their journey from wild animals in the forests of the Carpathians to "problem bears". But the film by Boas Schwarz also shows how coexistence is possible.

SCRIPT & DIRECTOR: Boas Schwarz CINEMATOGRAPHY: Boas Schwarz, Stephan Schulz, Philipp Klein, Marlen Hundertmark, Henry M. Mix EDITING: Mirco Tribanek MUSIC: Sebastian Schmidt NARRATOR: Annette Gerhardt EDITOR: Norbert Lorentzen (NDR), Monika Schäfer (NDR/ARTE), Klaus Kunde-Neimöth (WDR), Susanne Lummer (Terra Mater Studios) PRODUCER: Tom Synnatzschke (Executive Producer Doglights Gmbh), Jörn Röver (Produzent Doclights GmbH), Henry M. Mix und Yann Sochaczewski (Produzenten Altayfilm Gmbh)



Film & Talk

At Film & Talk, the film is discussed in more detail, supplemented and discussed in a stage discussion lasting about half an hour immediately after the screening. Participants in the filming and production are available to answer questions about the content, subject matter and production technology in a relaxed round of talks. The audience can take a look behind the scenes and learn some surprising facts.


Thu., 07.09. 08:00 p.m., Ratssaal


In one of the most densely populated countries in the world, a nature reserve of international standing has developed: the Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands. Here, nature sets the pace. For two years, several film teams accompanied foxes, geese, kingfishers, deer and the largest herd of wild horses in Europe. The result is a nature film the likes of which has never been seen before in the Netherlands.

The film by Mark Verkerk and Ruben Smit is a nature spectacle for the whole family and has had a lasting impact on the nature film industry in the Netherlands. As part of the country focus, the film will be shown once again exclusively on the big screen.




Award Ceremony

Saturday, September 09th 2023, Stadthalle Eckernfoerde

DOORS OPEN: 7:30 pm

BEGINNING: 8:00 pm


On 09 September it's that time again - at the 17th International GREEN SCREEN Nature Festival the coveted awards will be presented. In total there are 16 award categories in which the best nature films will be honored. Five different professional juries had the difficult task of choosing the winners. But only the best of the best can take home one of the popular sand trophies. Festival director Dirk Steffens will lead through the evening.

After the award ceremony, the winners will be celebrated at the aftershow. The winners of the categories GREEN SCREEN Nature Film Award, Heinz Sielmann Film Award and Best Camera will be shown again on will be shown again in the festival program on Sunday afternoon. 

NOTE: Available tickets for the award ceremony can only be purchased directly from the Ticket Center starting September 28, 2023.




Sun., 10th Sept., from 10 a.m., various venues

Together with kiel.region, GREEN SCREEN has put together a great open air program for families. There are documentaries and animal films to marvel at on a large LED screen on the town hall forecourt. Two films will be shown in the Small Cinema in the Green, followed by a tour of the squirrel sanctuary, where there is much to discover! The Youth Film Awards, selected by a professional jury, will also be presented on this day - who will take first place in the two categories?

All recommended events and films are available here.


Sun., 10.09.23, 10:00 a.m. - 18:00 p.m., Stadthallenvorplatz

On Sunday, the GREEN AREA once again awaits festival visitors. On the square in front of the town hall there will be numerous information booths of foundations, nature conservation societies and other organizations. The German Bicycle Club (ADFC), NAH.SH and Chamäleon Reisen will be represented, as will the well-known environmental organization GREENPEACE and Stiftung Naturschutz Schleswig-Holstein. Great activities for young and old are waiting for the visitors. There will be the opportunity to talk to experts and like-minded people about nature and the environment in a relaxed atmosphere. The Eckernförde coffee cart will provide a stimulating setting with the best coffee in town.



Info Desk

Fri., 08.09.23 - Sun., 10.09.23 / Stadthalle open: Fri 12:00 noon - 18:00 p.m.; Sat - Sun, 10:00 a.m. - 18:00 p.m.

Where is this film playing? Can I buy the poster somewhere? How can I support the festival as a helper or member? The information booth at the Stadthalle offers answers to all these questions during the festival days. Also the GREEN SCREEN merchandise is available here. At the info booth you can also get the popular festival postcard. Thanks to our partner Nordbrief you can send the cards with the exclusive festival stamp for free during the weekend. The blue NordBrief box is ready for your festival greetings at the Stadthallenvorplatz.

Green Market

Sun., 10.09.23, 10:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m., Peak of the Harbour Eckernförde

For the finale of the GREEN SCREEN nature film festival, the [Mohltied!] GREEN MARKET between Hafenspitze and Holzbrücke will once again whet your appetite for sustainable enjoyment. On the open Sunday, September 10, around 70 regional producers and restaurateurs will present themselves from 10:00 to 18:00. On the colorful marketplace, they will personally inform about their products - and invite you to discover, taste and shop. The [Mohltied!] GREEN MARKET will be opened by Minister President Daniel Günther, who will also be the guest of the first cooking show at 11:00 a.m. after a tour of the market. In the large tent at the tip of the harbor, chefs from the north will present cooking shows every hour on the hour to show what delicious things can be prepared from regional ingredients.

More information about the [Mohltied!] GREEN MARKET is available from August 11 in issue 48 of [Mohltied!] Das Besseresser magazine for Schleswig-Holstein and at




GREEN SCREEN in Sønderborg

21., 29. und 30. Sept., Sønderborg

Partners of the GREEN SCREEN festival in Sønderborg are the House of Science and this year for the first time the city‘s library. Following the Eckernfoerde festival, the library invites nursery children, schoolchildren and adults to its event location offering a wide selection of GREEN SCREEN entries. Over the past eight years, thousands of schoolchildren and adults watched GREEN SCREEN wildlife films and participated in events organized by House of Science.