This year we are offering our seminars online as Web-seminars for the first time. This requires registration and accreditation as a trade visitor.

Wildlife film today

Live-Stream, Fri., Sept. 11th 2020, 10 am

MODERATION: Jörn Röver (Managing Director Doclights GmbH/NDR Naturfilm), Dirk Steffens (TV Moderator)

PANEL: Ellen Windemuth (CEO Off the Fence film production), Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble (deeble&stone film production), Eva Schmidt (Head of Digital & Communications, Terra Mater Factual)

The corona crisis has caused the frequentation of streaming platforms like Netflix & Co to skyrocket. The have also gained in importance for nature films. But the familiar TV formats cannot simply be transferred to the web. What format requirements do the major international players place on their producers? Which materials are in demand, which stories are interesting, what should nature film look like in the digital world?

The recording of the Web-seminar is available here for registred trade visitors.

Pitching - Session

Live-Stream, Fri., Sept. 11th 2020, 14:00 Uhr,

PANEL: Annette Scheurich (Marco Polo Film AG), Udo A. Zimmermann (former editor-in-chief TIERE UND NATUR, Bayerischer Rundfunk)

International nature, environmental and wildlife filmmakers use this unique opportunity to present their planned project to an audience of a number of editors and producers, to get feedback and, with luck, find a financing partner or deal with a broadcasting station. Projects from previous pitches have already been realized and the event led to several other projects in the making.



Wildlife film 360°

Live-Stream, Sat., Sept. 12th 2020, 10 am

Moderation: Claudia and Hendrik S. Schmitt (The Jetlagged)

The "Web-Seminar Nature Film 360º" will be presented by the filmmakers Claudia and Hendrik S. Schmitt (The Jetlagged), who have already successfully participated in the Green Screen Festival several times with their productions. They will talk with director Daniel Opitz about 360º productions and their technical challenges, latest possibilities and areas of application. Further topics: The special significance of virtual reality in times of pandemics and the question why so many 360º productions are shot in the oceans.

The recording of the Web-seminar is available here for registred trade visitors.