Anaconda wanted – In search of the giant snake

No other animal is dreaded and adored at the same time like the biggest snake in the world.. A team of German film makers and biologists are seeking the truth behind the myth with the latest measure and observation technique. The plains of Gyanas with savannahs, marshes and inpenetrable forrests are the ideal habitat for a lot of animals. The team succeeds taking a look inside the life of the unexplored snake.

Director: Rainer Bergomaz

The doctor of biologist Rainer Bergomaz (born 1957) was able to gain a lot of experience as a camera assistance, sound engineer and cameraman. Since 1994 he has worked as a journalist, sound engineer and cameraman for the TV channels ARD and ZDF.

52 Min.
Director: Rainer Bergomaz
Cinematography: Michael Allicock
Editing: Dirk Teubler
Music: Florian Moser
Narrator: Norbert Langer
Editor: Dr. Renate Marel (ZDF)
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