The Humpback Code

Meet the aliens who are living on the earth. Creatures, living in remote area even less developed as the moon. These alien are humpback whales. The deep ocean is their domain filled with the magic calls. A highly complex form of communication that still needs to be explored. The first time in history of movie making the humpback whales tell us their story that has been developed over the 35 million years. We will enter a fascinating world.

Director: Daniel Opitz

Daniel Opitz (1971) studied marine biology in Kiel and was working for RTL. His company „Ocean Mind/ Emotion Pictures“ produces besides international nature films also music vidoes and nature image trailer.

45 Min.
Director: Daniel Opitz
Cinematography: Jason Sturgies, Florian Melzer, Daniel Opitz
Editing: Stefan Canham
Music: Felix Halbe & Lars Jebsen
Narrator: Christian Brückner, Hans-Peter Bögel, Holger Mahlich, Gabriele Libbach
Editor: Wolf Lengwenus (NDR)
Awards: Best Marine Film 2008
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2008,
Best Film 2008
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