The Return of the Musk Ox

The experiment of repopulating the Taimyr Peninsula with the musk ox, which began thirty years ago, has enriched Arctic biodiversity. Fifty oxen taken from Northern-America have by now formed a population of several thousand head, providing population material for other Arctic areas as well.

The film crew sets out to search for musk oxen in their new home at the northern tip of the Taimyr Peninsula in order to thoroughly get to know these bison-like animals. While following the trail of the musk ox along the northernmost latitudes of Eurasia, the crew also meets other inhabitants of these areas.

Director: Vasili Sarana

PhD Vasili Sarana (born 1964 in Ukraine) has made wild life films about different topics of Russian nature since the beginning of 1990's. His special interest has been Far North, particularly the Taimyr Peninsula. His films Land of the Big Horn (2000), Kotujkan - River which flows from past (2001), Far Away Jaktali (2002), Wonderers of the North (2003), Wooden Dollars of Primorje (2003) have won number of prizes from the festivals all over the Europe. Sarana has been nominated for the best popular scientific film of the year in Russia, with "The Return of the Musk Ox" he won the title in the category of popular-scientific film

Russia Estonia
53 Min.
Director: Vasili Sarana
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