Chinas megalomania at the Yangtse

The biggest embankment dam of the world produces not only tenth of the power required in this huge country but also allows ocean liner to enter deep in the hinterland and has averts hundred years floods For this project six million people had been relocated.Three citys and 1700 villages had been flooded. The torrential stream changed to an ailing storage lake. The desatrous consequences of the project are immense: people are fishing garbage from the surface and the water quality is threateningly bad.

Director: Thomas Weidenbach

Thomas Weidenbach (1962) was working as a freelancer journalist before he studied geography. Nowadays he is working as an author, director and producer for TV documentaries and TV magazins in the field of science. IN 2005 he established his own company “LÄNGENGRAD Filmproduktion GmbH”.

52 Min.
Director: Thomas Weidenbach
Cinematography: Michael Kern
Editing: Jan Wilm Schmülling
Music: Stefan Döring
Narrator: Hans Mittermüller, Josef Tratnik
Editor: Susanne Schettler, Christiane Hinz (WDR/ARTE)
Nominations: Best Enviromental Film 2008
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