Saving Luna

What happens when a wild killer whale tries to befriend humans? Saving Luna is the true story of Luna, a baby male orca who gets separated from his family in a remote Canadian fjord. When the friendly orca seeks companionship from people, he breaks a wall which normally stands between humans and wild beings. He becomes both beloved and feared. People can´t figure out what to do. To natives he´s a chief spirit. To boaters he´s a goofy friend. To conservationists he´s a cause. To scientists he´s trouble. To officials he´s a danger. To the filmmakers he´s a lovable street kid whale. As conflict and tragedy stain the waters, Luna becomes a symbol of the world´s wildest beauty: wonderful to know, hard to save.

92 Min.
Cinematography: Michael Parfit, Suzanne Chisholm
Music: David Parfit, Tobin Stokes
Narrator: Michael Parfit
Editor: Michael Parfit
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2008
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