The adventure of the polar bear cubs

With a weight of around a ton and a size of 2.5 metres the polar bear is the largest predator on land. The hunting grounds are in the polar region – a world of ice and snow. In this endless biosphere the polar bear is without a doubt the king of the arctic. No other animal has the ability to confront the bear. This and the well defined social life makes it an ideal cast in a nature documentary.

Director: Thomas Behrend

Thomas Behrend, a German documentary film maker born in Hamburg, is well-known for his unique under water shots. While studying mechanical engineering the enthusiastic sports diver gathered his first experiences in underwater photography. In 1988 he got his first assignment for a film production. After finishing university he dedicated himself to his passion. In 1991 he founded his own company: BLUE PLANET FILM. From that time on Thomas Behrend produced many international award-winning nature films.

45 Min.
Director: Thomas Behrend
Cinematography: Thomas Behrend, Uwe Anders, Roland Gockel, Christina Karliczek
Editing: Patrick Wolters
Music: Mark Joggerst
Narrator: Christian Brückner
Editor: Wolf Lengwenus (NDR)
Nominations: Best Film 2008
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